About 3AL.

Your social commerce platform.

Make Money, Make Friends

You can interact with people and businesses. Buy from retailers. Sell to consumers. Receive and make safe payment for goods and services. See more below.


Making money and at the same time making friends online has just been made easy, because on 3AL, it's all about establishing new relationships and making the best of the commercial essence of connecting to people.

3AL provides you with a market without walls and boundaries, where you buy and also showcase your product and services, making it easier for you to get buyers and sellers across the world to stop by to place a demand for your products and services and vice versa.


Buying online has been much more simplified and made less rigid like it is mostly done presently. Buying on 3AL affords you the opportunity to connect directly and interact with the seller, it also gives room to make real time negotiations, so both the buyer and seller can do business like it should be done.

With a payment platform powered by FirstBank and delivery done by DHL, you can be rest assured that your transactions are totally secured.


You can create your own social commerce platform in less than 5 minutes and get an exciting online market place to build a global identity for your brand and also highlight your products and services. 3AL affords you and your brand the ample privilege to further connect to the millions of people waiting online while we give your brand that priceless identity, regardless of your location.

You get to connect your business and products to consumers who want to buy them. It also provides a safe, secure and easy way for them to pay for those products and have them delivered.


Either as a buyer or a seller you should know that, using the platform, you will receive what you bought and get paid what you are owed. As a consumer, when you pay for a product your money is held in a little safe run by FirstBank. Delivery is done within 3-5 days nationwide.

Once you have received your product then the seller gets paid. If you don't get what you want or the product is not delivered, guess what? The little safe is not opened and your money does not get transferred! It comes right back to you. All this controlled by a financial institution you can trust.